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ISBN: HB: 9781908967626 Artifice February 2018 156 pp. 24x30 cm 300 colour and black&white illus.
HB: £34,95



The End of Sub Urban Man

"Civilia: The End of Sub Urban Man" is a facsimile reproduction of the title by the same name originally published in 1971 by The Architectural Press. Written by Ivor de Wolfe (pseudonym), the author of Artifice books on architecture's The Italian Townscape (originally published by The Architectural Press), and somewhat notorious publisher behind "The Architectural Review" and The Architectural Press for nearly 50 years. "Civilia: The End of Sub Urban Man", addresses urban living in the mid- to late twentieth century with reference to the impact of technology, new town planning, the death of the automobile, and a tongue-in-cheek attitude towards the then contemporary issues informing the development of urbanism in both academe and the public imagination. At times bitingly critically, and at others, erudite, if not wholly politically correct, "Civilia: The End of Sub Urban Man" is a refreshing look back at 'cutting edge' developments in architecture and urbanism from the 1970s with a surprising and relevance given our current situation.
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