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Art inSight: Understanding Art and Why It Matters
ISBN: PB: 9781789381177, Intellect, January 2020
175 pp., 24.7x17.1 cm, 65 colour plates
A first encounter with art is like meeting a stranger: it opens you to new ideas, people, places, and parts of yourself. In "Art inSight: Conversations with Cultures", Fanchon Silberstein delves into the first known art and explores what it can revea...
Connecting People, Place and Design
ISBN: HB: 9781789381320, Intellect, January 2020
290 pp., 24.7x17.1 cm, 16 colour plates
"Connecting People, Place and Design" examines the human relationship with place, how its significance has evolved over time, and how contemporary systems for participation shape the places around us in our daily lives. Divided into three parts – pla...
Crossing Gender Boundaries Fashion to Create, Disrupt and Transcend
ISBN: PB: 9781789381535, ISBN: HB: 9781789381146, Intellect, January 2020
225 pp., 24.7x17.1 cm, 23 halftones
This volume presents a collection of the most recent knowledge on the relationship between gender and fashion in historical and contemporary contexts. Through fourteen essays divided into three segments – how dress creates, disrupts, and transcends g...
Culture, Technology and the Image Techniques of Engaging with Visual Culture
ISBN: HB: 9781789381115, Intellect, January 2020
175 pp., 24.7x17.1 cm, 45 halftones
"Culture, Technology and the Image" explores the technologies deployed when images are archived, accessed, and distributed. The chapters discuss the ways in which habits and techniques used in learning and communicating knowledge about images are aff...
Giuseppe Pagano Design for Social Change in Fascist Italy
ISBN: PB: 9781789381009, Intellect, January 2020
350 pp., 22.8x22.8 cm, 106 halftones
Giuseppe Pagano-Pogatschnig (1896-1945) was a twentieth-century polymath operating at the intersection between architecture, media, design, and the arts. He was an exhibition and furniture designer, curator, photographer, editor, writer, and architec...
MASKS Bowie & Artists of Artifice
ISBN: PB: 9781789381085, Intellect, January 2020
320 pp., 24.7x17.1 cm, 5 halftones
This interdisciplinary anthology explores the complex relationships in an artist's life between fact and fiction, presentation and existence, and critique and creation, and examines the work that ultimately results from these tensions. Using a combi...
Redefining Theatre Communities International Perspectives on Community-Conscious Theatre-Making
ISBN: HB: 9781789380767, Intellect, January 2020
360 pp., 24.7x17.1 cm, 13 halftones
"Redefining Theatre Communities" explores the interplay between contemporary theatre and communities. It considers the aesthetic, social, and cultural aspects of community-conscious theatre-making. While doing so, the volume reflects on recent transf...
Through the Prism of the Senses Mediation and New Realities of the Body in Contemporary Performance. Technology, Cognition and Emergent Research-Creation Methodologies
ISBN: HB: 9781789380798, Intellect, January 2020
300 pp., 24.7x17.1 cm, 15 halftones
Over the past decade, new technologies have influenced a vast epistemological shift that has transformed notions of performativity and representation in the arts. Mediation has challenged both spectators' and performers' conventions of corporeality,...
Spiritual Herstories Call of the Soul in Dance Research
ISBN: HB: 9781789380828, Intellect, December 2019
550 pp., 24.7x17.1 cm, 66 halftones
This is a collection of works by internationally recognized women leading the field of dance research and spirituality across the globe. Building on current soulful research scholarship in the discipline, these authors offer extensive and detailed re...
Teachers and Teaching on Stage and on Screen Dramatic Depictions
ISBN: PB: 9781789380675, Intellect, December 2019
240 pp., 24.7x17.1 cm, 1 halftone
Why are educators and their profession the focus of so much film and theater? In this volume, Diane Conrad and Monica Prendergast bring together scholars and practitioners in education to answer this very question. Films such as "Freedom Writers", "B...