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Values at the End of Life The Logic of Palliative Care
ISBN: HB: 9780674545175, Harvard University Press, June 2019
304 pp., 23.5x15.6 cm, 10 illus.
America's health care system was built on the principle that life should be prolonged whenever possible, regardless of the costs. This commitment has often meant that patients spend their last days suffering from heroic interventions that extend thei...
VC An American History
ISBN: HB: 9780674988002, Harvard University Press, June 2019
352 pp., 23.5x15.6 cm, 33 illus., 2 tables
"VC" tells the riveting story of how the industry arose from the United States' long-running orientation toward entrepreneurship. Venture capital has been driven from the start by the pull of outsized returns through a skewed distribution of payoffs...
Voting as a Rite A History of Elections in Modern China
ISBN: PB: 9780674237223, ISBN: HB: 9780674237216, Harvard University Press, January 2019
316 pp., 22.9x15.2 cm, 8 photos, 4 illus., 1 table
For over a century, voting has been a surprisingly common political activity in China. "Voting as a Rite" examines China's experiments with elections from the perspective of intellectual and cultural history. Rather than arguing that such exercises w...
Virtues and Vices of Speech I Tatti Renaissance Library 87
ISBN: HB: 9780674987500, Harvard University Press, December 2018
400 pp., 21x14 cm
Giovanni Pontano, who adopted the academic sobriquet "Gioviano", was prime minister to several kings of Naples and the most important Neapolitan humanist of the quattrocento. Best known today as a Latin poet, he also composed dialogues depicting the...
Vatican I The Council and the Making of the Ultramontane Church
ISBN: HB: 9780674979987, Harvard University Press, May 2018
320 pp., 20.9x13.4 cm, 9 halftones
The enduring influence of the Catholic Church has many sources – its spiritual and intellectual appeal, missionary achievements, wealth, diplomatic effectiveness, and stable hierarchy. But in the first half of the nineteenth century, the foundations...
Viruses Agents of Evolutionary Invention
ISBN: HB: 9780674972087, Harvard University Press, June 2017
356 pp., 23.4x15.6 cm
Viruses are the most abundant biological entities on Earth, and arguably the most successful. They are not technically alive, but – as infectious vehicles of genetic information – they have a remarkable capacity to invade, replicate, and evolve withi...
Virtual Competition The Promise and Perils of the Algorithm-Driven Economy
ISBN: HB: 9780674545472, Harvard University Press, March 2017
368 pp., 22.8x15.2 cm, 3 halftones, 3 graphs
Shoppers with Internet access and a bargain-hunting impulse can find a universe of products at their fingertips. In this thought-provoking expose, Ariel Ezrachi and Maurice Stucke invite us to take a harder look at today's app-assisted paradise of di...
Visualizing Community Art, Material Culture, and Settlement in Byzantine Cappadocia
ISBN: HB: 9780884024132, Harvard University Press, March 2017
558 pp., 27.9x21.6 cm, 410 colour illus., 18 halftones, 90 line illus., 4 maps
Cappadocia, a picturesque volcanic region of central Anatolia, preserves the best evidence of daily life in the Byzantine Empire and yet remains remarkably understudied, better known to tourists than to scholars. The area preserves an abundance of ph...
Vicarious Brain, Creator of Worlds
ISBN: HB: 9780674088955, Harvard University Press, January 2017
224 pp., 22.8x15.2 cm
Groping around a familiar room in the dark, or learning to read again after a traumatic brain injury; navigating a virtual landscape through an avatar, or envisioning a scene through the eyes of a character – all of these are expressions of one funda...
Vanishing America Species Extinction, Racial Peril, and the Origins of Conservation
ISBN: HB: 9780674971561, Harvard University Press, November 2016
264 pp., 22.8x15.2 cm, 26 halftones
Putting a provocative new slant on the history of U.S. conservation, "Vanishing America" reveals how wilderness preservation efforts became entangled with racial anxieties – specifically the fear that forces of modern civilization, unless checked, wo...