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Still Points
ISBN: HB: 9780873658706, Harvard University Press, October 2018
112 pp., 29.2x23.5 cm, 53 colour illus., 21 halftones
"Still Points" is a collection of remarkable and evocative still photographs taken by award-winning nonfiction filmmaker and author Robert Gardner during his anthropological and filming expeditions around the world. Thousands of his original photogra...
And Again Photographs from the Harvard Forest
ISBN: HB: 9780674980273, Harvard University Press, February 2018
136 pp., 25.4x21 cm, 70 colour illus., 1 halftone
John Hirsch chronicles the research, scientists, and ephemera of the Harvard Forest – a 3,750-acre research forest in Petersham, Massachusetts. Essays by David Foster, Clarisse Hart, and Margot Anne Kelley expand the scope of this photographic explor...
Journey of "A Good Type" From Artistry to Ethnography in Early Japanesse Photographs
ISBN: HB: 9780873654081, Harvard University Press, August 2015
144 pp., 24.8x21.8 cm, 73 colour photographs, 2 halftones
When Japan opened its doors to the West in the 1860s, delicately hand-tinted photographic prints of Japanese people and landscapes were among its earliest and most popular exports. Renowned European photographers Raimund von Stillfried and Felice Bea...
Photography and the Art of Chance
ISBN: HB: 9780674744004, Harvard University Press, May 2015
380 pp., 23.4x15.2 cm, 9 colour illus., 57 halftones
Photography has a unique relationship to chance. Anyone who has wielded a camera has taken a picture ruined by an ill-timed blink or enhanced by an unexpected gesture or expression. Although this proneness to chance may amuse the casual photographer,...
Portraits of an Invisible Country The Photographs of Jorge Mario Munera
ISBN: PB: 9780674055865, Harvard University Press, March 2015
66 pp., 22.5x22.5 cm, 17 halftones, 16 photographs
In 2003, Jorge Mario Munera won the Latino and Latin American Art Forum Prize at Harvard University, which entitled him to produce and present an exhibit at Harvard's David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies. By this time, Munera had alrea...