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Who Am I? (Mis)Identity and the Polis in "Oedipus Tyrannus"
ISBN: PB: 9780674237940, Harvard University Press, June 2019
270 pp., 22.9x15.2 cm
Oedipus's major handicap in life is not knowing who he is – and both parricide and incest result from his ignorance of his identity. With two questions – "Who am I?" and "Who is my father?" – on his mind (and on his lips), the obsessed Oedipus arrive...
Saints of Ninth- and Tenth-Century Greece
ISBN: HB: 9780674237360, Harvard University Press, May 2019
384 pp., 20.3x13.3 cm
"Saints of Ninth- and Tenth-Century Greece" collects funeral orations, encomia, and narrative hagiography. Together, these works illuminate one of the most obscure periods of Greek history – when holy men played central roles as the Byzantine adminis...
Ethnic Chrysalis China's Orochen People and the Legacy of Qing Borderland Administration
ISBN: HB: 9780674237193, Harvard University Press, May 2019
360 pp., 22.9x15.2 cm, 3 photos, 1 map, 10 tables
"Ethnic Chrysalis" is the first book in English to cover the early modern history of the Orochen, an ethnic group that has for centuries inhabited areas now belonging to the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China. The Qing dynasty (164...
Romanland Ethnicity and Empire in Byzantium
ISBN: HB: 9780674986510, Harvard University Press, April 2019
392 pp., 23.5x15.6 cm, 2 maps
Was there ever such a thing as Byzantium? Certainly no emperor ever called himself "Byzantine". And while the identities of minorities in the eastern empire are clear – contemporaries speak of Slavs, Bulgarians, Armenians, Jews, and Muslims – that of...
Whistleblowing Toward a New Theory
ISBN: HB: 9780674975798, Harvard University Press, April 2019
296 pp., 23.5x15.6 cm, 1 table
Despite their substantial contribution to society, whistleblowers are considered martyrs more than heroes. When people expose serious wrongdoing in their organizations, they are often punished or ignored. Many end up isolated by colleagues, their pro...
Lokaprakasa by Kemendra with the Commentary of Sahaja Bhatta, Volume 1
ISBN: HB: 9780674980389, Harvard University Press, February 2019
532 pp., 25.4x17.8 cm
The Lokaprakasa by well-known Kashmirian author Ks?emendra (fl. 1050 CE) is a unique Sanskrit text that deals with details of public administration, from the king down to the village level. It includes private sale and mortgage documents as well as m...
More than Medicine The Broken Promise of American Health
ISBN: HB: 9780674975903, Harvard University Press, December 2018
196 pp., 21x14 cm, 11 illus., 4 tables
Stanford's pioneering behavioral scientist draws on a lifetime of research and experience guiding the NIH to make the case that America needs to radically rethink its approach to health care if it wants to stop overspending and overprescribing and im...
Railroads and the Transformation of China
ISBN: HB: 9780674368170, Harvard University Press, December 2018
416 pp., 23.5x15.6 cm, 26 photos, 9 maps, 6 tables
As a vehicle to convey both the history of modern China and the complex forces still driving the nation's economic success, rail has no equal. "Railroads and the Transformation of China" is the first comprehensive history, in any language, of railroa...
Time and Its Adversaries in the Seleucid Empire
ISBN: HB: 9780674976931, Harvard University Press, December 2018
392 pp., 23.5x15.6 cm, 39 photos, 5 maps, 5 tables
In this eye-opening book, Paul J. Kosmin explains how the Seleucid Empire's invention of a new kind of time – and the rebellions against this worldview – transformed the way we organize our thoughts about the past, present, and future. In the afterm...
Prophecy without Contempt Religious Discourse in the Public Square
ISBN: PB: 9780674986879, ISBN: HB: 9780674495036, Harvard University Press, November 2018
464 pp., 23.5x15.6 cm
American culture warriors have plenty to argue about, but battles over such issues as abortion and torture have as much to do with rhetorical style as moral substance. Cathleen Kaveny reframes the debate about religion in the public square by focusin...