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ISBN: HB: 9780674988156, Harvard University Press, May 2019
576 pp., 20.3x13.3 cm
"Architrenius", a satirical allegory in dactylic hexameters completed in 1184 by the Norman poet Johannes de Hauvilla, follows the journey of its eponymous protagonist, the "arch-weeper," who stands in for an emerging class of educated professionals...
Privileged Poor How Elite Colleges Are Failing Disadvantaged Students
ISBN: HB: 9780674976894, Harvard University Press, March 2019
288 pp., 21x14 cm, 2 illus., 1 table
The Ivy League looks different than it used to. College presidents and deans of admission have opened their doors – and their coffers – to support a more diverse student body. But is it enough just to admit these students? In "The Privileged Poor", A...
Critique of Forms of Life
ISBN: HB: 9780674737754, Harvard University Press, December 2018
416 pp., 23.5x15.6 cm, 1 table
For many liberals, the question "Do others live rightly?" feels inappropriate. Liberalism seems to demand a follow-up question: "Who am I to judge?" Peaceful coexistence, in this view, is predicated on restraint from morally evaluating our peers. But...
Story of Myth
ISBN: HB: 9780674185074, Harvard University Press, December 2018
384 pp., 23.5x15.6 cm, 14 photos, 2 charts
Greek myths have long been admired as beautiful, thrilling stories but dismissed as serious objects of belief. For centuries scholars have held that Greek epics, tragedies, and the other compelling works handed down to us obscure the "real" myths tha...
Habsburg Empire A New History
ISBN: PB: 9780674986763, Harvard University Press, October 2018
480 pp., 23.5x15.6 cm, 40 halftones, 7 maps
In a panoramic and pioneering reappraisal, Pieter Judson shows why the Habsburg Empire mattered so much, for so long, to millions of Central Europeans. Across divides of language, religion, region, and history, ordinary women and men felt a common at...
Escape from Vichy The Refugee Exodus to the French Caribbean
ISBN: HB: 9780674983380, Harvard University Press, March 2018
320 pp., 23.5x15.6 cm, 21 halftones, 3 maps
In the early years of World War II, thousands of political refugees traveled from France to Vichy-controlled Martinique in the French Caribbean, en route to what they hoped would be safer shores in North, Central, and South America. While awaiting tr...
Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium, 36: 2016
ISBN: HB: 9780674979444, Harvard University Press, February 2018
300 pp., 21.8x15.2 cm, 2 line illus., 6 tables
This volume of the "Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium" offers a wide range of articles on topics across the field of Celtic Studies. It includes the 2016 J. V. Kelleher Lecture delivered by Jerry Hunter, professor of Welsh at Bangor Univer...
Struggle for Pakistan A Muslim Homeland and Global Politics
ISBN: PB: 9780674979833, Harvard University Press, November 2017
310 pp., 20.3x15.2 cm, 1 graph, 2 tables
Established as a homeland for India's Muslims in 1947, Pakistan has had a tumultuous history that has unfolded in the vortex of dire regional and international conflicts. Beset by assassinations, coups, ethnic strife, and the breakaway of Bangladesh...
Sons of Remus Identity in Roman Gaul and Spain
ISBN: HB: 9780674660106, Harvard University Press, June 2017
432 pp., 23.4x15.6 cm
Histories of ancient Rome have long emphasized the ways in which the empire assimilated the societies it conquered, bringing civilization to the supposed barbarians. Yet interpretations of this "Romanization" of Western Europe tend to erase local ide...
Cross History, Art, and Controversy
ISBN: HB: 9780674088801, Harvard University Press, April 2017
280 pp., 23.4x15.6 cm, 63 colour illus.
The cross stirs intense feelings among Christians as well as non-Christians. Robin Jensen takes readers on an intellectual and spiritual journey through the two-thousand-year evolution of the cross as an idea and an artifact, illuminating the controv...