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Philosophy of Loneliness
ISBN: PB: 9781780237473, Reaktion Books, April 2017
184 pp., 20x12 cm
Loneliness is a difficult subject to address, because it has such negative connotations. But the truth is that wherever there are people, there is loneliness: everyone is lonely at some point in their lives. You can be lonely in a crowd or at home, o...
Philosophy of Freedom
ISBN: HB: 9781780233703, Reaktion Books, August 2014
288 pp., 20x12 cm
Freedom of speech, religion, choice, will – humans have fought, and continue to fight, for all of these. But what is human freedom, and what are the main threats to it today? These questions and more are discussed in this comprehensive investigation...
Philosophy of Fear
ISBN: PB: 9781861894045, Reaktion Books, August 2008
160 pp., 20x12 cm
Surveillance cameras. Airport security lines. Barred shop windows. We see manifestations of societal fears every day, and daily news reports on the latest household danger or raised terror threat level continually stoke our sense of impending doom. I...
Fashion A Philosophy
ISBN: PB: 9781861892911, Reaktion Books, September 2006
192 pp., 20x12 cm
Donatella Versace and Jean-Paul Gaultier, Yves Saint Laurent and Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci: fashion is at once a familiar yet mysteriously elite world that we all experience, whether we're buying a new pair of jeans, reading Vogue, or...
Philosophy of Boredom
ISBN: PB: 9781861892171, Reaktion Books, November 2004
192 pp., 20x12 cm
Although boredom is something that we have all suffered from at some point in our lives, and has become one of the central preoccupations of our age, very few of us can explain precisely what it is. In this book Lars Svendsen examines the nature of b...