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No Fixed Abode Ethnofiction
ISBN: PB: 9780857426345, ISBN: HB: 9780857420961, Seagull Books, March 2019
80 pp., 25x15 cm
In recent years, social workers have raised a new concern about the appearance of a new category among the working poor. Even employed, there are people so overburdened by the cost of living and so under compensated that they cannot afford a place to...
Someone's Trying to Find You
ISBN: HB: 9780857422439, Seagull Books, May 2015
152 pp., 20.3x13.9 cm
As he leaves the cinema where he has just watched "Casablanca", one of his favorite films, Julien is approached by a mysterious young woman, Claire. Unbeknownst to Julien, Claire has been following him for several days. Outside the cinema she relays...