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Philosophy of Pain
ISBN: PB: 9781861895417, Reaktion Books, August 2009
168 pp., 20x12 cm
"Living involves being exposed to pain every second – not necessarily as an insistent reality, but always as a possibility", writes Arne Johan Vetlesen in "A Philosophy of Pain", a thought-provoking look at an inevitable and essential aspect of the h...
Zulu Identities Being Zulu, Past and Present
ISBN: PB: 9781850659525, ISBN: HB: 9781850659082, Hurst Publishers, February 2009
670 pp., 21.6x13.8 cm
For sale in CIS only! What does it mean to be Zulu today? Does being Zulu today differ from what it meant in the past? "Zulu Identities" wrestles with these and many other related questions to show how the characteristic traditions of a pre-industri...