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Actors, Pilgrims, Kings and Gods The Ramlila of Ramnagar
ISBN: PB: 9781905422203, ISBN: HB: 9781905422197, Seagull Books, June 2006
258 pp., 23.4x15.8 cm, 62 halftones
The Ramlila at Ramnagar, Varanasi is a unique theatrical and religious event, an annual, month-long enactment of the Ramayana story. The performance covers a whole town and involves an entire community. Men, women and children follow the course of th...
'Injuns!' Native Americans in the Movies
ISBN: PB: 9781861892799, Reaktion Books, May 2006
272 pp., 17x12 cm, 75 illus.
The indispensable sage, fierce enemy, silent sidekick: the role of Native Americans in film has been largely confined to identities defined by the "white" perspective. Many studies have analysed these simplistic stereotypes of Native American culture...