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Place of Religion in Chicago
ISBN: HB: 9781935195153, University of Chicago Press, Columbia College Chicago Press, June 2011
224 pp., 28.4x22.2 cm, 91 maps, 52 halftones
With "The Place of Religion in Chicago", Wilbur Zelinsky and Stephen A. Matthews provide the first detailed, systematic geographical study of the religious landscape of Chicago. Zelinsky and Matthews have scoured the city – from the South Side to the...
Kant, Herder, and the Birth of Anthropology
ISBN: PB: 9780226978598, ISBN: HB: 9780226978581, University of Chicago Press, January 2002
576 pp., 22.9x15.2 cm, 3 halftones
If Kant had never made the "critical turn" of 1773, would he be worth more than a paragraph in the history of philosophy? Most scholars think not. But in this pioneering book, John H. Zammito challenges that view by revealing a precritical Kant who w...