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ISBN: PB: 9788763514064

University of Chicago Press, Museum Tusculanum Press

October 2017

316 pp.

22.9x15.2 cm



Eskimo Tribes

Their Distribution and Characteristics, Specially in Regard to Language. With a Comparative Vocabulary, and a Sketch-Map

The purpose of the first section of this book is to show what conclusions it is possible to draw from the mode of life, the customs and usages of the Eskimo, so far as regards the migrations by which they have spread over their present territory. But is is not intended to go farther back than the commencement of this dispersion. The purpose of the second section is, in the first place, as an introduction, to continue the conclusions and usages of the Eskimo mentioned in the former part, adding one apparently safe inference from their language, concerning their homestead before their dispersion. Then, as the main object follows the Comparative Vocabulary of the Dialects. In the former part it is tried to give the elements, out of which the words are formed, and the rules for employing this material. In the present part a selection of the words themselves is compiled.