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ISBN: PB: 9780226624655

ISBN: HB: 9780226624518

University of Chicago Press

September 2019

224 pp.

22.8x15.2 cm




Predation and Pentecostalism in Guatemala

"It's not a process", one pastor insisted, "rehabilitation is a miracle". In the face of addiction and few state resources, Pentecostal pastors in Guatemala City are fighting what they understand to be a major crisis. Yet the treatment centers they operate produce this miracle of rehabilitation through extraordinary means: captivity. These men of faith snatch drug users off the streets, often at the request of family members, and then lock them up inside their centers for months, sometimes years".Hunted" is based on more than ten years of fieldwork among these centers and the drug users that populate them. Over time, as Kevin Lewis O'Neill engaged both those in treatment and those who surveilled them, he grew increasingly concerned that he, too, had become a hunter, albeit one snatching up information. This thoughtful, intense book will reframe the arc of redemption we so often associate with drug rehabilitation, painting instead a seemingly endless cycle of hunt, capture, and release.

About the Author

Kevin Lewis O'Neill is professor in the Department for the Study of Religion and director of the Centre for Diaspora and Transnational Studies at the University of Toronto.